Intuitive Tourney Management
tourney.cc provides one of the most intuitive interface when it comes to managing your tournament. The site doesn't just let you display tournaments, it helps organizing them, so that as tournament admin you can take care of the things that really matter.
Many Competition Formats
If you just want to run a single-elimination bracket, that's fine, but if you want to run a group stage for the playoffs or you want a loser bracket, starting with the half final, then you can do that with tourney.cc just as easily.

Intelligent Seeding
You can select the `skill` of all your participants - or even let tourney.cc figure it out all by itself, using the automated rankings - and when you start the tournament, it will be as fair as possible, so that no good player faces tougher opponents than weaker players do.
Flexible Sign-up System
You can choose if and when players or teams may sign-up for your tournament, add players directly and accept or reject people that signed up previously. Want to make sure all the players that signed-up are around when the tourney starts? There's a check-in system, too.

Automated Rankings
If you want to, every match played in your tournament can be used to rate players from all tourney.cc tournaments and compile a ranking of players based on their past performances.
Basic CMS Utilities
Wether you need to write news, display a list of rules, add admins to your team, give your users a way to discuss the new mappool or privately communicate with a player, your tournament site will provide all the tools you need.

Customizable Themes
Don't want your tournament site to look like anyone elses? Use the site customization tool to upload your own banner and choose your own colorscheme.
..and much more
from one-day cups to leagues, every type of tournament has it's own requirements and tourney.cc handles them nicely by providing useful functionality that makes running competitions easier.